Inside are extracts written during The Year of the Novel at the New South Wales Writers’ Centre in 2012 – a course taught by acclaimed novelist, Bem Le Hunte. The course had a classic three-act structure – each act took place over ten weeks. Act one focused on unleashing ideas and following wild fancies. Act two explored structure, allowed plots to thicken and stories to evolve. Act three was about perfecting stories and pushing for surprising outcomes. The delights to emerge are within the pages of this book – diverse tales from talented emerging Australian novelists, including Indigenous, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Irish stories across a wide range of genres.


“Each part of the course revealed a new way of looking at my novel.”


                                                   Margaret McCleod


“I will remember this course for giving me the inspiration and the tools to take the story out of my head and onto paper.”


                                                   Wayne Curtis


“I realised that while writing can be lonely, baffling and tortuous, it doesn’t have to be painful – in fact it can be sublimely cathartic and life-affirming.”


                                                   David Sweeney


“Knowing where the story is going will only get you so far. With Bem I learnt to dive in, immerse myself in the telling and let go of my carefully crafted structure.”


                                                   Clare Gallagher


“What I’ll remember from this course? That a passionate outburst of outrageous writing has a place in my novel and the power to push boundaries.”


                                                   Julie Janson


“I’ll recall this year as being the one that helped me finally appreciate the craft of writing a novel and the discipline required – and the magic of the journey. I’ve learnt a lot about myself as a writer this year, and that knowledge is mine forever.”


                                                   Sheila Pham